Full of anti­ci­pa­ti­on, the Hei­de-Motorsport team set off to Dubai at the begin­ning of Janu­a­ry to tack­le their racing debut with the Audi R8 GT4 as part of the Dubai 24 Hours!

On board were four fast dri­vers who wan­ted to tack­le the adven­ture. Along­side Audi Sport works dri­ver Rahel Frey, GT vete­ran Alex Welch and gen­tle­man dri­ver Heinz Schmer­sal, a gre­at talent in GT4 sport, Mike Beck­hu­sen, took the wheel of the Audi R8 GT4.

Alrea­dy the prac­ti­ce ses­si­ons were pro­mi­sing and so the team secu­red the fas­test time of all GT4 cars in the night qua­li­fy­ing on the day befo­re the race.

In the cour­se of the race, the dri­vers as well as the mecha­nics and engi­neers of the team show­ed a gre­at per­for­mance and pre­sen­ted them­sel­ves com­pe­ti­ti­ve to the GT4 top. After about seven hours, the race had to be inter­rup­ted with the red flag due to hea­vy rain­fall, and then stop­ped com­ple­te­ly in the ear­ly morning hours.

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