In one week, the test day for the 24h in Dubai will alrea­dy be under­way and the last pre­pa­ra­ti­ons for the first race of the new Audi R8 GT4 LMS (2020) are com­ple­ted. It is with gre­at plea­su­re that we can now intro­du­ce our dri­ver line-up to you!

Audi Sport fac­to­ry dri­ver Rahel Frey (CH), GT-dri­ver Alex Welch (US), gen­tle­man dri­ver Heinz Schmer­sal (DE) and Mike Beck­hu­sen (DE) will dri­ve our Audi R8 GT4. We are espe­ci­al­ly plea­sed to have Mike, a gre­at talent in GT4 sport, on board!

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